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Blog Project

Before even having the idea of creating a website for myself, I wanted to have my own email address because conventional email address provided by free email service providers such as Gmail or Hotmail seemed boring and too common. So I did. I bought the domain, not, and used and their POP3/SMTP service. This was back in 2015 when I was still in high school when I barely knew how to program. So this was pretty much all I did.

After my first year in college, there was a growing need for a personal website; something I could use as a resume and show projects I participated in. So I bought a new domain and used Amazon S3 to post a static page with links to my resume, Github, and so on. Then, I took a web programming class (focused on back-end) for fun in my first semester of sophomore year. The class was not focused on a particular framework or a language so we had to choose a framework and create a website that satisfied certain criteria. My group created, a campus course visualizer. I learned a lot from that class and it was quite fun to build a website from bottom up.

Screenshots of

Now that I learned the tools to create my own blog, I thought it would be fun to create a blog CMS for myself and use it to show projects I have participated in. And what your seeing right now is the product of that very thought.

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